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Deals on cannabis delivery that you’ll love.

The Lyt team has put together a personalized offering of deals to honor you and say thanks. Deals at Lyt are set up so everyone has a deal they can take advantage of and save on cannabis delivery with Lyt. Grab a code and get started with a delivery order.

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Lyt has Deals

Every one has a way to save on weed delivery with Lyt. Friendly, same day service is available to you Los Angeles

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Early Riser

Order before 12 PM and get 10% off!

Code: earlyriser

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Seniors are getting 10% off at our delivery

Code: SEN10

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Stock up!

Spend $300+ and get 15% off.

Code: STOCK300

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Always get 15% off on your Cake Day!

Just les us know in the order notes that it is your day of the year, and you’re all set up!

Happy Birthday!

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Get 10% off if you’re an active student.


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Active and past veterans are always receiving 10% off at our delivery.

Code: VET10

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Save 20%
On Your First Delivery

Join the Lyt delivery family today and save 20% on your first cannabis delivery in LA. Don't worry, once you become a regular face around here, we'll be hooking you up with all kinds of deals which you can see on our deals page.