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Buy any Kanha, get a Kanha Mango, Guava, Strawberry, Cherry, or Tranquility for ¢1! (while supplies last, add to order note, 2 per order max)

Malibu Gold!

Buy any 2 Malibu Gold 1/8ths, get 1 free! (This item is not eligible with other promotions.  2 free items per order limit).

Hitman OG

1 G Infused Kief Preroll.

Get it now for $11 or 5 for $40!


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The freshest cannabis delivery menu in all of Los Angeles. No, really. We didn’t just make that up. That’s what people have said in our reviews. Enjoy new products at your fingertips every week.

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Join the Lyt delivery family today and save 20% on your first delivery. Don't worry, once you become a regular face around here, we'll be hooking you up with all kinds of deals which you can see on our deals page.



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Every one has a way to save on cannabis delivery with Lyt. Friendly, same day service is available to you Los Angeles 💚


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Lyt stays social. Join us on instagram and follow along this journey of creating a new era in cannabis evolution. Every day we learn something from each other. It’s wonderful that cannabis brings us together.

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With so much to learn, Lyt has launched a regular blog series with information on trendy topics. Get acquainted, there’s a lot to know when shopping for cannabis delivery.

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Scope out the outpouring of love for Lyt people have shown online. We say thanks. Lyt’s team believes every cannabis delivery experience should be five star.

  • You Avatar
    5 star rating

    High quality products and great delivery service! Love it! Less than 30 mins to arrive. Impressive. -

    Randy Wilson Avatar
    Randy Wilson

    Dependable very much so .Always helpful when I need a delivery and most definitely fair about arrival time and friendly service -

    Nate E. Avatar
    Nate E.
    5 star rating

    I received a flyer on my door. I usually don't pay much attention to them however, I realized this particular... Read More -

  • Bianca Berrios Avatar
    Bianca Berrios

    I had a stellar experience with them . lyt showed up at the time they said and my products were... Read More -

    Payton Kells Avatar
    Payton Kells

    Amazing Service So, first off, their customer service is wonderful and it’s super easy to order through them! And I... Read More -

    Misty Fisk Avatar
    Misty Fisk

    That florcal lemon kush was tasty and I got the pre roll deal . Legit clutch service from lyt. Smoking... Read More -

  • Adrian Freeman Avatar
    Adrian Freeman

    I smoke to much like way to much. So I'm always looking for a good deal. Lyt has some good... Read More -

    Mike D. Avatar
    Mike D.
    5 star rating

    Great service. Great product. Great people 5 star!

    Plenty of promos and discounts especially Wednesday's and Sundays.

    Miriam A. Avatar
    Miriam A.
    5 star rating

    order here regularly. They are fast and easy and have never missed up an order. The selection is great, especially... Read More -

To combine quality cannabis products and distinctive customer support at competitive prices to provide the best cannabis delivery service for our customers.